Struck by Lightning, Graha Wredatama Building in Cilandak Engulfed in Massive Fire Amidst Heavy Rain and Strong Winds

A tragic incident unfolded at the Graha Wredatama or PWRI Building in Pondok Labu, Cilandak, South Jakarta. It is suspected that a lightning strike triggered the devastating fire. This situation occurred as Jakarta was being pounded by heavy rain and strong winds accompanied by lightning.

Authorities from the Command Center for Fire and Rescue (Disgulkarmat) DKI Jakarta stated that the preliminary assumption regarding the cause of the fire is a lightning strike. “At the time of the incident, the building was struck by lightning, sparking embers at the lightning rod. The embers then spread to the asbestos-made shingle roof, igniting flames on the third floor,” explained a Disgulkarmat representative. Thursday (2/2/2023).

Swift action was imperative; dozens of firefighting units were promptly dispatched to the location to extinguish the raging fire that engulfed the three-story building. Thanks to their relentless efforts, the fire was successfully doused within a few hours after the incident, precisely at 11:25 PM local time. “The extinguishing process is complete, involving the deployment of 22 units and 68 personnel,” added the representative.

However, the exact extent of the damage resulting from this massive fire is yet to be ascertained. All relevant teams are conducting assessments and estimations to determine the losses incurred by this tragic incident. Leveraging our experience and commitment, PT Berka Elektrik offers a reliable solution by providing lightning protection equipment. Safeguard your valuable assets and confront the potential dangers of lightning strikes with the trusted solutions from PT Berka Elektrik. Obtain the security you need, today!”

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