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Enhance the Electrical Safety of Your Business with Our Expert Team. Addressing potential hazards from electrical currents requires proper and professional handling. Our expert team possesses in-depth knowledge in tackling electrical issues, ensuring your company’s environment is safe from potential risks. With careful approaches and appropriate procedures, we guarantee your company’s operations run optimally without worrying about the potentially fatal impacts of electrical currents. Build trust with us to obtain reliable solutions and make your company safer and more productive.

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Swift Solutions at Your Fingertips, Experience Lightning-Fast Service Tailored to Your Needs. Efficiency and Speed Combined for Ultimate Satisfaction.

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Ensuring Quality Without Compromising Your Budget. Discover Cost-Effective Options Tailored to Your Needs.

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Your Trusted Partners for Exceptional Solutions. Meet Our Skilled Professionals, Masters in Delivering Excellence in Every Project.

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Your Peace of Mind with Every Service. We Stand by Our Quality, Ensuring a Risk-Free Experience.

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Our Company Embraces Cutting-Edge Technology for Every Project. Elevating Standards and Performance Through Innovation.

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we have a 24 hour service, which can help you meet the needs of your company.

Electrical Installation


Optimize Your Workspace with Expert Electrical Installation Services. Our skilled team excels in handling electrical installations in line with industry-standard SOPs, ensuring the safety and security of your company. Trust us to implement precise electrical solutions that not only meet compliance requirements but also enhance your business environment. Experience seamless and secure electrical setups tailored to your needs, promoting a safe and productive workspace.

Successful stories

With our extensive experience, we stand ready to assist you in precise electrical installation, optimizing your time during your company’s development. Here’s a curated list of our expertise:

  • Gudang Nestle ( Bintaro)
  • Perumahan Pantai Indah Kapuk
  • Perumahan Permata Hijau,
  • Perumahan Sentul City
  • Perumahan Pondok Indah Golf

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